Gallery Coordinator:
Valerie Raps

Art Ark Gallery
1035 S. 6th St.
San Jose, CA 95112


Home Is Where the Heart Is

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 6th.
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Music by: Paolozzi Tango Trio


Gallery Hours:
By appointment

In Participation with SoFF: South First Fridays



Home Is Where the Heart Is


An art exhibition celebrating a decade of art (2006-2016) at Art Ark Gallery and the development of a thriving arts community that has made Art Ark Gallery the heart of the Martha Gardens neighborhood.

Also announcing a change in leadership. Gallery Coordinator, Valerie Raps will be leaving Art Ark Gallery this June, after ten years of service. This is her last curatorial role at Art Ark Gallery. Her successor is local artist and SJSU alumni, Genevieve Hastings.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 6th. 6-9pm
Live music by Paolozzi Tango Trio

Participating Artists:
Misty Albrecht, Natalya Burd, Ryan Carrington, Shone Chacko, Ed Clapp, J. Duncan Cook, Kim Cook, Lee Crowley, Jessica Eastburn, Christopher Elliman, Alyssa Eustaquio, Roberto Fierro, Genevieve Hastings, Andrew Hedges, Julia Jacobson, Dave Kempken, Colin King-Bailey, Bob Lamp, John Landry, Rachel Lazo, Marianne Lettieri, Mila Libman, Kent Manske, Tony May, Kathleen McDonald, Theresa Merchant, Stephanie Metz, Diana Mihalakis, Joe Miller, Andy Muonio, David Naisuler, Alex Oliva, Christine Oliver, Avery Palmer, Gianfranco Paolozzi, Valerie Raps, Nora Raggio, Fanny Retsek, Judy Roberto, Joe Saxe, Dana Seeger, Yori Seeger, Keith Southern, Jason Starbird, Robbie Sugg, Nannette Wylde, Helen Yang, Maurice Yarrow


Art Ark Gallery is located on the property of Art Ark Apartments, an Artisan Village in the heart of the Martha Gardens Arts District just six blocks south of San Jose State University. Since October 2006 Art Ark Gallery has been exhibiting the artwork of local artists in group shows of 20-40 artists. Art Ark Gallery’s mission is to provide a space where emerging artists and curators can explore exhibition design and gain exposure and experience while engaging the public. Art Ark Gallery is a participant of SoFA: South first Fridays Art Walk, a monthly event in downtown San Jose on South First Street. For more information and a list of participating galleries and other business see

The gallery hosts nine exhibitions per year and goes dormant in the months of January and July due to the major holidays. The Gallery hosts an annual salon-style holiday art exhibition called The More the Merrier, each year during the months of November through December, which has an open call for entries. The rest of the shows are curated by selected individuals who submitted a proposal for a group exhibition. The gallery accepts proposals continuously and looks for proposals with a cohesive theme and/or an interesting concept and has a minimum of 20 participating artists. There is no fee for submitting a proposal. There is an exhibition fee for participating artists. Fees are used to hire live musicians for art receptions and gallery preparators to help restore the gallery in between shows, and to pay for advertisement in the Metro newspaper and gallery improvements. Exhibitions run two weeks in length, with a week to install and a week to de-install and restore the gallery. Opening receptions are held always held on the first Friday of every month. The gallery provides live music and refreshments at all art receptions.

Exhibition Proposals should include a short description of the proposed theme or concept of the show, names of the participating artists with links to their website or examples of their artwork, and the name and contact information for the curator including a phone number. Also include the preferred dates of the art exhibition. The Gallery usually books out shows anywhere from 6 - 8 months in advance.

Waiver: Art Ark Gallery is not responsible for damage or theft of art exhibited in the gallery. Nor is the gallery liable for bodily injury. Therefore all participating artists and curators are required to sign a waiver form acknowledging their understanding of this policy.


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